Diris A17

Multifunction meters - Dimensions 72 x 72

Compact and ergonomic, the DIRIS A17 is a multifunction meter specially adapted for monitoring and managing electrical energy. Its communication function allows the analysis of data collected via a PLC or Vertelis energy management software.



The compact 72 x 72 mm panel-mount format enables easy integration into any type of electrical cabinet, including MCCs (Motor Control Centres).

Compliant with IEC 61557-12

IEC 61557-12 is a high-level standard for all PMDs (Performance Monitoring Devices) that are designed to measure and monitor electrical parameters in distribution networks. Compliance with IEC 61557-12 ensures a high level of equipment performance, in terms of metrology, and the mechanical and environmental aspects (EMC, temperature, etc.).

Advanced functions

The DIRIS A17 includes a programmable input and output as standard on all versions; input/output functions include pulse metering, alarm report and pulse output. An RS485 MODBUS communication output is supplied on two versions, allowing the extraction of data and device configuration remotely.

Easy to use

As well as being compact, the DIRIS A17 also allows easy navigation via its 4 direct access keys. Its screen displays a large amount of information, whilst remaining easy to read.


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